PARSE.Insight final symposium - Paris, 25 Juin 2010

The European Union, as well as many national funding bodies, are creating infrastructures to support European research in particular and European development in general. Many of the building blocks are in place or are close to full scale deployment. PARSE.Insight is an EU-funded project which is helping to develop the policy to determine the next steps in the areas of preservation, access and re-use of scientific (in the broadest sense) data.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to the symposium PARSE.Insight - carrying the flame forward. The aim of the symposium is to review the results of our extensive, world-wide, surveys and case studies, as well as the updated Roadmap, but more importantly we wish to map out, with your help, what comes next.

Things are beginning to move very fast:

  • the call from Luxembourg on digital preservation recently closed;
  • the call from the e-Infrastructures unit is coming out from Brussels;
  • the EU is looking at a framework for certification of digital repositories;
  • the High Level Expert Group on Science data Infrastructures will report later in the year;
  • we look forward to what will be demanded by the EC Framework Programme 8 (FP8).

The PARSE.Insight results provide timely and key information on which to launch future work. This symposium will be one of the first steps to take this forward.

The symposium will be held in Paris, at the Intercontinental Paris-Le Grand, on Friday 25th June, with registration and coffee starting at 10am. More information can be found on our website: If you wish to attend please email us on workshop[at]

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